Saturday, April 19, 2008

A new section launched in Ecography – Software Notes

Ecography is pleased to announce the introduction of a new section in the journal focused on new and existing software tools used in the exploration of spatial and temporal ecological patterns.
For authors this provides an excellent opportunity to present their software tools in a recognised format. The software is citable in a standard format, and therefore has a measurable impact within the subject. Also, an increasing global audience will be alerted to the article as soon as it is published online. As with all submissions to the journal, these articles are fully peer-reviewed. Submissions for Software Notes are fast-tracked through the review process to ensure rapid publication.
To ensure that the software websites referred to in the journal will be accessible for years to come, authors are required to establish a persistent internet address (PURL). A step-by-step guide explaining how to do this is provided in the author guidelines. For more information and details on how to submit please visit

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