Thursday, August 21, 2008

A new web portal to access the database on Azorean biodiversity

The Azorean Biodiversity Portal ( is available. For the first time it is possible to have access to the detailed distribution of all the Azorean terrestrial flora and fauna mapped in a 500x500 m grid based on literature records. For some species some images are also provided. For threatened species only their presence/absence in the islands is available.
This portal was developed under the INTERREG III B Projects "Atlântico" (2003-2005) and "BIONATURA" (2007-2008), involving several Azorean and Canarian partners. This long-term project was developed by four different research groups of the University of the Azores, coordinated by Paulo A. V. Borges, including researchers from the Azorean Biodiversity GroupCITA-A and the Department of BiologyCIBIO.
For more information or detailed maps of the spatial distribution of species richness please contact the coordinator of the project, Paulo A. V. Borges, at pborges(at)

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