Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frontiers of Biogeography vol 1 issue 1 is now available

The inaugural issue of Frontiers of Biogeography — the scientific magazine of the International Biogeography Society (September 2009) is now freely available at

Table of contents:

Frontiers of Biogeography, a new frontier for the IBS, by J. Hortal & M. N Dawson
From the Foundations to the Frontiers of Biogeography, by L.R. Heaney & M. V. Lomolino

news and update
A finer focus on glacial refugia in the Mediterranean region, by A.S. Jump
Updated DIVA program, by J. Fjeldså
From acorns mighty micropockets grow, by L. Hannah
commentary: New insights on a classic topic: The biogeography of Southeast-Asian mammals, by J. Beck
commentary: The geographic consequences of climate change for migratory birds, by F.A. La Sorte
commentary: Towards an efficient management of biological invasions, by N. Roura-Pascual
book review: Science Chic, by M.N. Dawson
workshop summary: Biodiversity Synthesis meeting on the biogeography of Melanesia, by J. Drew

opinion and perspectives
perspective: Phylogeography is not enough: The need for multiple lines of evidence, by A.T. Peterson

conservation biogeography forum: Neil D. Burguess, interviewed by A. Ahrends
obituary: Professor Chris Humphries (1947—2009), by D. Williams

membership corner
IBS-sponsored events: Latest news from the forthcoming 2011 IBS meeting at Crete
Job announcements, Upcoming meetings

Frontiers of Biogeography is published by the International Biogeography Society. Editorial information, instructions for authors are available at

All future issues will be made available also at

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