Monday, March 29, 2010

March issue of Frontiers of Biogeography

The new issue of Frontiers of Biogeography - the scientific magazine of the International Biogeography Society (ISSN 1948-6596) is now out:

Volume 2, issue 1, March 2010
You can access it freely at


Frontiers of Biogeography, a rapid forum for biogeographical advances and debate
J. Hortal & M.N Dawson (p. 1)

news and update

commentary: Ecological complexity at the forest-grassland transition revealed by lake sediment records
D.G. Gavin (p. 2)

commentary: Effects of community invasion across multiple spatial scales
W.P. Pearse (p. 3)

commentary: Is climate change making plants go up mountains?
J.C. Lovett & A. Hemp (p. 5)

update: Feces, fungus, and the fall of megafauna
P.L. Koch (p. 7)

book review: How daisies conquered the world
H. Schaefer (p. 8)

book review: The making of a biogeographer: the life of Jack Briggs
G. Bernardi (p. 9)

thesis abstract:Assessing the effect of land-cover changes on species distributions: application of habitat models to conservation of Mediterranean bird communities
S. Vallecillo (p. 11)

thesis abstract:On the biogeography of vertebrate body size: ecological and evolutionary insights from assemblage-level patterns
M.Á. Olalla-Tárraga (p. 15)


EDIT's Taxonomy and Biodiversity Information Services for Biogeographers
P. Mergen et al. (p. 20)

membership corner

from the society: Robert E. Ricklefs to receive the 2011 Alfred Russel Wallace Award in Crete, F. Smith & R.J. Whittaker; News for the January IBS meeting in Crete 2011, J.-C. Svenning & S. Sfenthourakis (p. 26)

... Job announcements (p. 28) ... Upcoming meetings (p. 28)

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