Monday, March 21, 2011

Job Announcement - Senior Lecturer in Paleoecology

Senior lecturer in paleoecology (Umeå University)

The holder of the position should have one of two nonexclusive research profiles, both aimed at strengthening the integration between research in paleoecology, ecology and evolution in the research environment Ecosystem Change, which has been identified as a Strong Research Environment at Umeå University and includes ecologists, environmental scientists. One possible research profile is in aquatic paleoecology to study lake-ecosystem dynamics across limnological and paleolimnological timescales (Holocene), integrating geochemical and ecological/evolutionary research. Here, we particularly encourage applications from scientists using up-to-date paleolimnological approaches such as molecular genetic, spectroscopic or biogeochemical methods. An alternative research profile is in evolutionary paleoecology to address evolutionary questions with paleoecological methods, to enhance the ongoing integration of paleoecology with research in evolution and biogeography, and in collaboration with researchers in macroevolution, macroecology, phylogenetics or population genetics.

The duration of a position as associate senior lecturer is four years of research, and can be expanded to five years with 20 % of teaching. At the end of the employment period, an associate senior lecturer owns the right to be examined for a permanent position as senior lecturer at Umeå University. The assessment criteria for such an examination are described in the corresponding job profile.

To be eligible, in the first place, for the position as associate senior lecturer you should have a PhD, or a corresponding degree, which is not more than five years old, in a relevant field such as ecology, evolutionary biology, environmental science or biogeochemistry.

An associate senior lecturer should primarily pursue research. The successful applicant is expected to create his/her own research group and to supervise graduate students as well as post-docs. He/she is also expected to attract research grants from external sources of funding and to have a vivid collaboration with scientists at both Umeå University and other universities. In the evaluation, particular emphasis will be given to scientific skills. Pedagogical and administrative skills and the ability to collaborate with other researchers in the Strong Research Environment will also be considered.

Further information about the position and how to apply can be found at

Last day for application is April 26, 2011.

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