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Frontiers of Biogeography (Vol 3, Iss 1)

The new issue of Frontiers of Biogeography - the scientific magazine of the International Biogeography Society (ISSN 1948-6596) is now out:

Volume 3, issue 1 June 2011
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table of contents

editorial: Advancing Frontiers, with a retrospective
M.N Dawson, R. Field, & J. Hortal (p. 1)

news and update

symposium summary: organizer�s perspective - Biogeography and ecology: two lenses in one telescope
D.G. Jenkins & R.E. Ricklefs (p. 3)

symposium summary: a perspective from two delegates - Biogeography and ecology: two lenses in one telescope
F. Villalobos & O. Paknia (p. 5)

symposium summary: Mediterranean biogeography: where history meets ecology across scales
S. Sfenthourakis & J.-C. Svenning (p. 7)

symposium summary: New perspectives on comparative phylogeography - novel integrative approaches and challenges
M.J. Hickerson & A.C. Carnaval (p. 9)

symposium summary: Analytical advancements in macroecology and biogeography
J.A.F. Diniz-Filho & C. Rahbek (p. 11)

symposium summary: Marine biogeography
M.N Dawson (p. 13)

symposium summary: Palaeoecology
J. Williams (p. 15)

symposium summary: Conservation biogeography
C.H. Graham & L.M. Brown (p. 17)

symposium summary: Hot topics in biogeography and ecology
C.H. Saslis-Lagoudakis & M. Greve (p. 18)

symposium summary: Climate change biogeography
J.-C. Svenning (p. 20)

symposium summary: Island biogeography
K.A. Triantis (p. 21)

book reviews

book review: Bread, butter and marmite
S. McGowan (p. 23)

book review: A truly colourful inter-continental tropical kaleidoscope
D. Sheil (p. 24)

book review: The ecology of place
F. Gilbert (p. 26)

book review: Macro-ecology of the world�s savannas
N. Barbier (p. 28)

... books noted with interest
M. Eichhorn (p. 30)


Interview with Robert E. Ricklefs, recipient of the 2011 Alfred Russel Wallace award
Rosemary G. Gillespie (p. 31)

& biosketch:
Robert E. Ricklefs (p. 35)

obituary: Bob McDowall (September 1939 - February 2011): a key contributor to our understanding of Southern Hemisphere biogeography and the significance of marine dispersal
C. Burridge & D. Jellyman (p. 37)

membership corner

from the members: On the biogeography of biogeographers
S.S. Meijer (p. 39)

Job announcements
(p. 40)
Upcoming meetings (p. 41)


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