Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Registration is now OPEN for the 
6th Biennial Conference of the  International Biogeography Society
North Miami, Florida, USA - January 9-13th

The meeting is built around four successive SYMPOSIA (10th & 11th January)  each with a suite of leading international scientists and *openings for contributed papers*:

1. Island Biogeography: new syntheses
    (Organizers: Rob Whittaker & Kostas Triantis).
2. Beyond Bergmann:  new persectives on the biogeography of traits
    (Organizers: Adam C. Algar and Nathan G. Swenson).
3. The convergence of conservation paleontology and biogeography
    (Organizers:  Jenny McGuire & Edward Davis).
4. Predicting species and biodiversity in a warmer world:  are we doing a good job?
    (Organizers:  Antoine Guisan & Niklaus E. Zimmermann).

The meeting also has 12 sessions of CONTRIBUTED PAPERS (12th January) on key topics:
i.  Island biogeography
ii.  Neotropical biogeography
iii.  Climate-change biogeography
iv. Conservation biogeography
v.  Pre-quaternary paleoecology and biogeography
vi.  Quaternary paleoecology
vii.  Phylogeography
viii.  Marine biogeography
ix.  Natural disturbance biogeography
x.  Global-scale biogeography
xi.  Hot topics in biogeography

Dr. Jim Brown will give a keynote lecture after receiving the Alfred Russel Wallace Award, recognizing his lifetime of outstanding contributions to biogeography.
Dr. Miguel Araújo will give a keynote lecture after receiving the Macarthur & Wilson Award, a new award recognizing an early-research individual for a notable, innovative contribution to biogeography.

In addition, before the meeting, on the 9th of January, five WORKSHOPS will be held: Biodiversity Informatics Training, Biogeography of Stress, Communicating Biogeography, Popular Science Writing, & an Introduction to Bayesian Statistical Analysis.

On the 9th & 13th of January, arranged FIELD EXCURSIONS will visit a number of Florida's beautiful biogeographic locations.

Check out the IBS meeting website for more details and to register (http://www.biogeography.org/html/Meetings/2013/index.html)

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