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Two postdoc and two PhD positions in plant macroecology and phyloinformatics at Aarhus University

Two postdoc and two PhD positions in plant macroecology and phyloinformatics at Aarhus University

I: One 2-year postdoc and one PhD position in the ERC StG project “Macroecological studies of long-term historical constraints on functional diversity and ecosystem functioning across continents (HISTFUNC)”. The postdoc project concerns long-term historical constraints on global and regional patterns in functional diversity of vascular plants, while the PhD project addresses the same topic specifically for the palms (a key-stone plant group in tropical ecosystems) and also looks into the interplay of palms with mammal functional diversity.
II: One 2-year postdoc and one PhD position in the Danish “NSF” (FNU) project “Paleoclimatic stability and the evolutionary ecosystem ecology of Earth’s forests (STABFOR)”. The postdoc project concerns paleoclimatic stability effects on evolutionary dynamics of forest tree lineages, while the PhD project concerns phylogenetic and functional community structure in forest trees.

Qualifications: All postdoc candidates are expected to provide cutting-edge expertise in advanced statistical analyses of large data sets (including strong skills in R), to have solid ecological background and strong collaborative skills, and to have proven abilities to publish at a high international level. STABFOR postdoc candidates should also have solid experience with phylogenetic analyses. All PhD candidates should have good abilities – for their career stage - in statistical modeling and ecology. Experience in plant ecology or botany would also be an advantage for all four positions.
Supervisors and collaborators: The main supervisor is prof. Jens-Christian Svenning. The projects also involve prof. Brian J. Enquist (University of Arizona), prof. Robert E. Ricklefs (University of Missouri), assistant prof. Brody Sandel (AU), and Head of  Collections and Director of the Herbarium Finn Borchsenius (AU)
Where: Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity Group, Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, Denmark. The Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity Group is a diverse and vibrant research community with strong international ties. Postdocs and PhD students are encouraged to collaborate within the group, across departments and with other universities. More information about the people and research activities of the group can be found at

Starting date: All four positions should ideally start January 1st 2013.
For further information, please contact: Professor Jens-Christian Svenning,

The official announcements are here:

Aarhus University has 38,000 students, 11,200 staff, and is a world leading university that ranks 51 on the Leiden ranking, 79 on the QS World University ranking, and 86 on ARWU – Shanghai ranking.

Further information for internationals can be found here:

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