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American Society of Naturalists (ASN) - Awards

The American Society of Naturalists (ASN) solicits nominations and applications for the following awards (deadline is January 1st, 2014, for each):

The Edward O. Wilson Naturalist Award: This is given to an active investigator in mid-career who has made significant contributions to the knowledge of a particular ecosystem or group of organisms. Individuals whose research and writing illuminate principles of evolutionary biology and an enhanced aesthetic appreciation of natural history will merit special consideration. The recipient need not be a member of the Society. The award will consist of an especially appropriate work of art and a prize of $2,000, presented at the annual meeting. A letter of nomination, curriculum vitae including a publication list, and three key publications should be sent electronically to Douglas Schemske (schem@msu.edu). Please indicate "E. O. Wilson Award" in the subject line. 

The Sewall Wright Award: This honors a senior but active investigator who is making fundamental contributions to the Society's goals in promoting the conceptual unification of the natural biological sciences. The award includes an honorarium of $1,000. The recipient need not be a member of the Society. A letter of nomination and curriculum vitae (including publication list) should be sent electronically to Michael Wade (mjwade@indiana.edu). Please indicate "Sewall Wright Award" in the subject line.

The Jasper Loftus-Hills Young Investigator Award: Jasper Loftus-Hills (1946-1974) was an Australian biologist of exceptional promise who had published 16 articles when he was killed by a hit-and-run driver while recording frog calls along a Texas highway, three years after receiving his degree. The award was established in 1984 to recognize promising outstanding work by investigators who received their doctorates in the three years preceding the application deadline, or who are in their final year of graduate school. It involves presentation of a research paper in the Young Investigator's Symposium at the ASN annual meeting and includes a $500 prize, a travel allowance of $700, cost of registration for the meetings, and a supplement of $500 in case of intercontinental travel. Four awards are made annually. Recipients need not be members of the Society. The prize committee encourages direct applications and welcomes suggestions of people who should be encouraged to apply. Applications should consist of no more than three pages that summarize the applicant's work (excluding tables, figures, and references), no more than four appropriate reprints, and a CV. Two letters from individuals familiar with the applicant's work should be sent separately. All application materials should be sent electronically to Leonie Moyle (lmoyle@indiana.edu). Please indicate "Young Investigators' Award" in the subject line, and for reference letters, the name of the applicant. 

The ASN Student Research Awards: These awards support research by student members that advances the goals of the society: the conceptual unification of ecology, evolution, and behavior. Each award consists of $2,000. A total of 10 proposals will receive awards (increased from 6 in 2013). The applicant must be a member of the ASN (membership is international), must hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent, must have passed to candidacy in a Ph.D. program or equivalent, and must be at least one year from completing the Ph.D. Applicants should send a two-page proposal (not including references), a budget with justification (one page), a short curriculum vitae (two pages), plus a statement from the Ph.D. supervisor that verifies that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements, as well as indicating support for the proposed research (one page). Projects in all areas (i.e., laboratory, field, theory) are encouraged. Proposals will be judged on originality, strength, and significance of the questions being addressed plus the match between the proposed research and the ASN mission. All materials should be compiled into one PDF file and sent by January 1, 2014 to Rebecca Fuller (fuller@life.illinois.edu), with "ASN Student Research Award" in the subject line. See details on the Awards page. http://www.amnat.org/awards.html#SRA

Lists of past winners of all the awards can be found here:

The American Society of Naturalists

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