Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pre - Conference field trip: Humboldt as a Young Scientist (1792 – 1796)

Last Wednesday, just before the start of the conferences, participants had the chance to be part of a day excursion that visited places that where part of Alexander von Humboldt life during his youth. While listening to amusing stories about his life before becoming the great scientist that we all now, everyone was delighted with beautiful landscapes covered with snow. The excursion included visits to forest and mining areas in the Fichtelgebirge and Frankenwald mountain ranges. 

Although it was a very cold day for an excursion, the participants enjoyed short hikes in different parts of the route; one in particular will be hard to forget. As the temperatures dropped down, a short hike in the area of Bad Berneck took place; this is when all assistants introduced themselves and enjoyed short conversations as they walked their way to a famous cave in the area. Here, there was a wonderful surprise awaiting: some hot coffee and tea have been served and was secretly waiting for the hikers! Here they all recharged the batteries with some hot coffee and continue the adventurous ride! 

By Sofía Gonzales Zúñiga. 

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