Monday, January 24, 2011

CONFERENCE: Frontiers in Historical Ecology

The deadline to submit abstracts for the upcoming conference on "Frontiers in Historical Ecology" is February 15, 2011. The conference will be held 30 August 2011 to 2 September 2011 at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL in Birmensdorf, Switzerland.

Human activities are important drivers of landscape development and ecosystem change. Consequently, the relevance of considering human impacts has become increasingly popular in ecology over the past decades. Historical ecology has been promoted as an integrative approach for the study of human impacts on ecosystems and landscapes over time and as a prerequisite to understand current day ecosystems and landscapes. At this conference, we strive to determine promising new developments in methodological diversity and interdisciplinary challenges in historical ecology.

Abstract submission to the following four session topics is possible:
- Relevance of historical information in times of global change
- Beyond case studies in historical ecology - the search for general patterns of ecosystem change
- Historical ecology and ecosystem modeling
- Problems and possibilities on the border between historical ecology and environmental history/archaeology
More information on the conference and a template for submitting abstracts is provided at the conference webpage on 

For any further queries, please contact:
Matthias B├╝rgi, WSL, 

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