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Geography Compass publishes research on biogeography

Geography Compass publishes peer-reviewed surveys of important research and current thinking from across the entire discipline. The journal's emphasis is on state-of-the-art reviews, supported by a comprehensive bibliography and is accessible to an international readership of geographers and scholars in related disciplines.

Section on Biogeography
Biogeography is one of 13 sections in Geography Compass. Section editor, Glen MacDonald helped develop Geography Compass and was responsible for organizing the initial round of articles. He has passed on the responsibility to the new section editor George Malanson, who is now developing a publishing plan for the year ahead. The internationally expanding editorial board currently includes Miguel Araújo, Mark Blumler, David Butler, David Cairns, Taly Drezner, Neal Enright, Katrina Moser, Patrick Moss, Kathleen Parker, Jonathan Sadler, Alan Taylor and Georg Grabherr.

In biogeography, we consider the real intended audiences are those teaching biogeography who need to keep-up with developments outside their own research domain, new graduate students who would like a good introduction to a topic, and advanced undergraduates who could be assigned some outside reading.

Benefits of Geography Compass
Geography Compass is designed to help all academics and advanced students involved in teaching and research: to teach in a new or unfamiliar area, to keep- up with developments in their own field and areas related to it, and ensure that students are exposed only to quality-controlled online content. The reviews will also be useful to those preparing lectures, writing proposals, or examining the history of an idea. Reviews can cover a broad topic and are specific enough to provide insight into examples of current research. Most reviews are about 5000 words and, being online, can include a wide variety of graphical material.

A Selection of Articles in Biogeography
Articles on Biogeography for Geography Compass are commissioned by, or unsolicited articles that meet the aims of the journal can be sent to the section editor, George Malanson.
Recently published and soon to appear forthcoming articles include:
Expanding Biogeographic Horizons with Genetic Approaches, by K. Parker & S. Markwith
The Population Dynamics of Columnar and Other Cacti: A Review, by T.D. Drezner & B.L. Lazarus
Neutral Landscapes: Bases for Exploration in Landscape Ecology, by Q. Wang and G.P. Malanson
Simulation Modeling as a Tool for Understanding the Landscape Ecology of Southern Pine Beetle Infestations in Southern Appalachian Forests, by D.M. Cairns and colleagues

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