Thursday, May 19, 2011

PhD course - Modelling species distributions under climate change

Modelling species distributions under climate change

Organizer: David Nogués-Bravo: Center for Macroecology, Evolution, and Climate, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.

Venue: Four floor, Universitetsparken 15, Center for Macroecology, Evolution, and Climate, Department of Biology, Copenhagen, DK-2100. Denmark

Supported by:
Faculty of Science of Copenhagen University, Department of Biology, Center for Macroecology, Evolution, and Climate
Scientific content: Understanding species distributions is a core topic in ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation and global change biology and SDMs are a key tool for forecasting species distribution due to climate change. This PhD course will cover ecological and evolutionary theory on species distributions and species niches, methodological issues, training in SDM software, and applications of SDMs to a broad range of questions from global change to phylogeography. The course will encompass lectures, computer practical and seminars based on paper discussions. The students will read, before attending, a compendium with original research papers representing landmark studies. Each student will be required to prepare for the course by reading a specified background literature (~20 papers). During the course all students are expected to participate in paper discussions and practical, and to attend to the lectures. Full attendance of the entire PhD course, preparation through background reading, and pro-active participation in seminars and practical are required to obtain the 5 ECTS.

List of teachers:
Prof. Miguel Bastos Araújo, Museo Nacional Ciencias Naturales, CSIC.

Dr. David Nogués-Bravo, University of Copenhagen,

Dr. Katharine Ann Marske, University of Copenhagen,

Participation: This international PhD course is open to PhD student. Applicants will be selected according to the relevancy of their PhD project and their achievements in the field so far. There will be room for a maximum of 15 students in the course, so strong competition for attendance is expected.

Registration: Email a brief description of your PhD research project and a1-page curriculum vitae (emphasizing your scientific experience and achievements) to David Nogués-Bravo, Dead-line July 1st 2011.
Fee: 2000 dkk. Course participants must pay for travel, accommodation and meals during the course. PhD students at the Faculty of Science of Copenhagen University do not need to pay the fee.

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