Saturday, June 18, 2011

Survey - Species Distribution Modelling

Dear Biogeographers

Please accept this invitation to take the (anonymous) survey on Species Distribution Modelling and Software.

It takes only takes 10-15 minutes, just follow this link…

The survey is open until 1st of July, but please complete as soon as possible! Your views and experiences are immensely valued!

The survey aims to find out how our science is intertwined with technical innovation…” and how it is “dependent on the existence of suitable software(Thuiller et al. 2009, Ecography, 32, 369-373).

Does software help you do what you want to do?

You can find the project and privacy information here

We will publish aggregated results so the modelling community & developers (everyone!) benefits from the findings.

If you have any questions please email us at

Best wishes

Greg, Lucas, & Lara

The Research team

We (Greg McInerny, Lucas Joppa and Lara Salido) are Scientists in the Computational Ecology and Environmental Sciences group in the Computational Science Laboratory at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK. We frequently use SDM and are interested in all kinds of ecological and methodological questions. Find out more about our group’s research here You can also find out more about the survey at the project homepage here Please if you have any questions, email us here

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