Friday, November 11, 2011

Call for proposals for hosting IBS conference in 2015

We are seeking proposals from prospective hosts of the 7th biennial conference of the International Biogeography Society to be held in early January 2015. Proposals should be submitted by individuals who are interested in chairing the local (host) committee. The duties of the local host involve conducting contract negotiations with the venue and the hotel as well as all local logistics including field trip organization and production of the abstract book. Minimum requirements of the venue are 1) one auditorium with a capacity of 450-550 people (2 days), 2) three or four smaller rooms with a capacity of 75-150 people (1 day), and 3) various smaller meeting rooms. The IBS is interested in holding the biennial conference in locations fairly convenient with respect to the majority of its membership base in North America and Europe. Locations of past (and upcoming) conferences can be seen here:

We have been contacted by two groups (in Germany and France) and we may be contacted by others shortly. To minimize duplication of effort, you may send an initial inquiry to the address below.

Please include the following information in the proposal:
1. Location of the meeting (city) and the host institution or organization.
2. What would be the benefit of hosting the conference at this location?
3. Actual site of the meeting and the capacity of the auditorium.
4. Space for poster sessions--general size and location relative to the auditorium.
5. Approximate cost for three-day use of the venue. A specific quote is not needed, but evidence of the price competitiveness is important.
6. Transportation infrastructure, including travel from airport.
7. Attractions in the vicinity of the conference site, including field trip potential.
8. Who potentially would serve on the local organizing committee?

Proposals from prospective hosts of the biennial conference must be received before 20 January 2012. Please send proposals by email to Daniel Gavin, International Biogeography Society Vice-President for Conferences at

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